Running Order

Even the most experimental of theatre must have some semblance structure, however whimsical it might be.

Act 1 – Fulfilling Passions

We are all defined, to an extent, by our passions. Others identify us by them, our personalities are shaped by them, and they form the very basis of many of our relationships in life. With all passions come dreams and aspirations. Fulfilling dreams etched from the emotion and meaning of our passions create the most rewarding and lasting memories in life. Simply put, I’d like to do these things…and I think they’d add, on balance, to my life.

Act 2 – Growing Up

Life’s most apparent cognitive dissonance. All of us want to experience the freedom and opportunity that comes with maturation, yet as we mature we long for the simplicity and innocence of childhood. Life was more simple then; a bad day was finding that your Mum had put the wrong condiment on your sandwich, or packed fruit for recess instead of some sort of chocolatey baked good. With the complexities of adulthood, however, come a fountain of opportunities and new experiences. I’ve chosen those parts of growing up I am actually looking forward, and none of them involve, sadly, owning a hoverboard.

Act 3 – Life’s an Adventure

The world is a big place, yet we spend 99% of our time in just a tiny corner of it. There’s so much to see out there;  different landscapes, different people, different cultures, different creatures. I think I’d like to experience some of it.

Act 4 – Expanding Horizons

It’s easy to fall into a routine and stick to doing the things you know, and those which you find comfort in. In doing so, we limit ourselves to experiencing only those things that are related to, or stem from, those familiar activities. Wouldn’t life be so much more enriching if you learned that instrument you always wanted to, or tested yourself in a sport or activity you never thought you’d be capable of? Singing, however, will remain off the list – nobody needs to experience me discovering myself through song.

Act 5 – The Small Things in Life

Sometimes it is the little things in life which mean the most; their impact can be just as profound, or even more so, than the most grandiose of plans or gestures.

Act 6 – Sandcastles in my Mind

The seemingly unachievable. Those things which seem but a construct of an imagined ‘other’ life; an alternate reality in which you’re more athletically gifted, more outgoing, have more time, have unlimited financial resources, etc. Those couple of items on anyone’s bucket-list which all reason and logic says you won’t accomplish, but something inside tells you that, just maybe, you can pull it off.

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